3. CEO’s Message


CEO’s Message

“Drone-based society”
This is a near-future society that Aeronext is looking toward. We believe that the emergence of drones has a social impact comparable to the ecosystem that cars when they emerged.

Currently, the automobile industry has a market size of about 400 trillion yen. The invention of automobiles not only made people’s lives more convenient, but also created new markets, created jobs, changed social infrastructure, and even changed countries, their legal systems and taxes.

We believe that unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) will also dramatically change people’s lives and social structures they live in.

The reliability of those drone aircraft is essential to realizing a “drone-based society.” The road to its realization, however, will be long and steep. We continue to believe, “Drones can not expect any further dramatic evolution without changing the basic structure of the aircraft.” This is because the current drone airframe has not evolved significantly for over 30 years and they still face their current issues and limitations, such as wind resistance, reliability, flight time and flight speed. In response to these drone problems, developers have taken a software solution approach, but we are working on hardware innovation.

We invented the center of gravity control technology “4D GRAVITY®”. 4D GRAVITY® is an innovative technology that solves the problems of drone aircraft. We believe that with the advent of this technology, we have opened the door for countless drones to fly in the near future.

We know a “drone-based society” is correlated directly with the reliability of the aircraft. A “drone-based society” will not be realized without dramatic improvements in the reliability of the aircraft.

Aeronext continues to pursue the ideal form for unmanned aircraft (drone) airframes, to improve reliability. We seek to revolutionize the space from the ground up to 150 meters, where only birds are now, to realize our vision of a drone-based society.

That future will be created by Aeronext.

CEO Keisuke Toji