3. Company Overview


Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Name Aeronext Inc.
Address Head Office
6th Floor Ishii Bldg. 2-3-5 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Laboratory in Yamanashi
Aeronext HK Ltd.
Aeronext Shenzhen Ltd.
CEO Keisuke Toji
Company Officers CEO Keisuke Toji
Director and CTO Yoichi Suzuki
Director and CFO Junya Hirose
Director and CIPO Minoru Nakahata (Patent Attorney)
Outside Director Kotaro Chiba
Auditor CPA Masahiko Sasamura
Foundation April 11, 2017
Capital 662,950,000 yen (including reserve fund)
Business Summary Research and development for the structure design technology of industrial drones.
Patent portfolio development and licensing business for the structure design technology of industrial drones.
Main Bank Shibuya-Chuo Branch, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.


August 2011 Current CTO, Yoichi Suzuki, the leader in radio control aerial photography,
via balloon started R & D for drones (as 0 Corporation)
May 2015 4D GRAVITY® Basic Patent Application (Registrated in June 2018)
February 2017 Main Patent for “Drone Delivery” Registrataion
April 2017 Aeronext Inc. established
June 2017 Received fund from DRONE FUND
November 2017 Capital business partnership with DRONE iPLAB
June 2018 Received fund from DRONE FUND and other venture capital
companiesin a pre-series A round