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Air Mobility


Introducing “Flying Gondola”
Safety that allows people to ride safely and securely is indispensable in realizing air mobility. However, in order to widely use it as a means of transportation, we believe that the key is to achieve both “safety” and “comfort” so that anyone can use easily without any reason to hesitate.

The new concept of air mobility “Flying Gondola” not only provides “safety” but also “comfort”, which is different from the conventional concept of air mobility that mainly focuses on the convenience of movement only.

“Flying Gondola” provides a new flying experience that allows you to enjoy the fun and freedom of flying while enjoying the scenery from the sky, and Next MOBILITY® is the first principle prototype of “Flying Gondola”.

We believe that it is possible to enhance the social acceptability of air mobility if we can provide a satisfying flying experience. This is the value that the “flying gondola” can provides.

VTOL center-of-gravity control technology “Tiltbody”
The technology that is indipensable for the new concept “Flying Gondola” is the newly announced “Tiltbody®”.

“Tiltbody®” is a collective term for center-of-gravity control technology developed by Aeronext.

It stabilizes take-off and landing of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft). At the time of transition from take-off to horizontal flight, unlike in traditional aircraft where the rotor is fixed, a rotor arm that is movable (called the “propeller motor arm) moves for optimal flight performance, while keeping the cabin level with respect to the ground. This means comfort and safety are both maximized.

The first principle prototype Next MOBILITY®, single-passenger aircraft
“Next MOBILITY®” is a prototype that embodies a new concept of air mobility: the “Flying Gondola”.

Aeronext’s VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft) machine equipped with both the 4D GRAVITY® center-of-gravity control technology and the newly announced VTOL center-of-gravity control technology Tiltbody®. This new Next MOBILITY® the first prototype, which is an actual 1/3 size model of a single-seat aircraft. In the future, we will also announce aircraft that can be used by multiple people.

・ Vehicles with remote controlled automatic navigation that requires no pilot onboard
・ Smooth and stable transition from takeoff to level flight
・ Comfortable ride because the seat is kept level with the ground

・ Relax and enjoy conversation with passengers
・ Easy to board even with a skirt or high heels
・ The front left and right are glass-enclosed so you can enjoy the view from the sky
・ Equipped with a main wing and a propeller to prevent an immediate crash even in an emergency.
・ Reduced impact during landing

Specifications(1/3 size model)
Width 1,380mm × Length 1,400mm × Height 700mm, Weight: 6,800g,
Capacity: 1 passenger, Door: Double Door