People have developed electric grids, water supply systems,
roads, the internet, and other infrastructures to build
the civilizations we know now.


Our industry and our everyday lives exist on these very infrastructures.
What is the next infrastructure we will develop?

We believe it will be the “airways.”
The space from the ground to 150 meters up, a place only occupied
by birds now will become the next economic zone to be developed.


The main player in that space will be drones.

To operate in that space, safety will be paramount,
as this space is the space right above our heads.

As a technology startup, Aeronext seeks to use technology to overcome
the safety issues and cooperate across industries to revolutionize the sky.


CEO Keisuke Toji

“Drone-based society”
This is a near-future society that Aeronext is looking toward.
We believe that the emergence of drones has a social impact
comparable to the ecosystem that cars when they emerged.

Currently, the automobile industry has a market size of about 400 trillion yen.
The invention of automobiles not only made people’s lives more convenient,
but also created new markets, created jobs, changed social infrastructure,
and even changed countries, their legal systems and taxes.

We believe that unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) will also
dramatically change people’s lives and social structures they live in.