3. Management Strategy and Strength


Management Strategy and Strength

Management Strategy and Strength

Aeronext is based on IP management that emphasizes intangible assets, intellectual property strategy, global strategy, partnership strategy, and a business model of licensing strategically with a small number of highly specialized management teams. That means Aeronext assets do not depend on people, money or goods. It is the core and strength of Aeronext and allows us to act quickly and decisively.

1. IP Management
By placing CIPO (Chief IP Officer) in-house, we are not looking to close off our technology, but to strategically build patent portfolios in order to disseminate technology world-wide quickly. This dedicated professional team moves quickly to implement licensing.

2. License Business
Instead of sales of actual aircraft, “4D GRAVITY®” core technology, patent portfolio, and brand are put together into “4D GRAVITY® technology” packaging license product that expand business for industrial drones and provide essential safety technology.

3. Global Expansion
Develop business not only for the Japanese market, but, also for the industrial drone market worldwide. Aeronext will establish a local presence in Shenzhen, China in June, 2019. Shenzhen is central to the drone industry, Aeronext will operate a full-scale licensing business in the Chinese market. We will also expand to North America, Europe, Africa, etc.

4. Partnerships/Business Alliances
With the core business of technology and brand licensing, work on mass production and application development to kickstart industry segments. Finding partners worldwide for a shared vision , platform construction, etc. to launch markets while mainly focusing on the licensing business that centers on technology, patent portfolio and brand. Aeronext seeks to complement partners’ areas of expertise to achieve synergy and actively collaborate with domestic and foreign partners that can contribute to creating industrial drone markets.