3. Flying Robot
  4. Next VR™ – 360 ° VR Shooting Drone

Flying Robot

The "“Next Series”, equipped with the center of gravity control technology 4D GRAVITY®

Flying Robot

Next VR™ – 360 ° VR Shooting Drone

360° VR shooting drone
A next-generation drone for VR photography that enables shooting high-quality 360° VR images from a small platform. A vertical bar vertically penetrating the center of the aircraft keeps it vertical using 4D GRAVITYTM. Two cameras installed at both ends of the vertical bar enable stable high-quality 360° VR images without blurring.

● Equipped with proprietary technology 4D GRAVITY®
● Since the aircraft is not in the shot, aircraft eraser post production work is omitted
● Minimal software correction required because the camera is horizontal regardless of the posture = high image quality
● Proprietary design

Use applications
Aerial, disaster prevention, surveillance, security

* The spec is a reference spec of the principle prototype. We will develop mass production machines according to specific applications.