CEO’s Message

Aeronext envisions a future in which the sky will become a large-scale economic zone and social infrastructure as is the ground. Drones will flying in the skies will be commonplace, indispensable in people’s lives, and indispensable in solving societal issues. Aeronext believes that this future market will be comparable to the huge ecosystem created by the advent of the automobile.

Aeronext was founded in 2017, when hovering aircraft and flying cameras were still the most common type of aircraft. 4D GRAVITY® is a revolutionary technology that improves the basic performance of industrial drones, in areas such as stability, efficiency, and maneuverability, by optimizing the center of gravity. This breakthrough improvement helps solve the various challenges that drones have faced.

We have built a robust patent portfolio to make 4D GRAVITY®︎ the standard on industrial drones and are developing a global partnership economy based on the 4D GRAVITY®︎ license.In addition, as the drone market grows rapidly, the industrial segment with the greatest potential is in the area of logistics and transportation. Aeronext endeavors to create and develop this market. To that end, Aeronext founded NEXT DELIVERY, Inc. in 2021. Drones are an innovative technology that will enable the Physical Internet and transform the value of people’s time. Aeronext is committed to continue research and development of this innovative technology.

Powered by our proprietary technologies, intellectual property strategies, and market creation capabilities, Aeronext will do its utmost to create a world in which the sky becomes an economy and drones become a new societal infrastructure, in cooperation with partners who share our vision, and who share our strong beliefs and enthusiasm.

We hope you will join Aeronext in creating an exciting world for the future of the skies.

Keisuke Toji, CEO

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