Joint Development

Aeronext conducts research and development of next-generation drones equipped with its proprietary airframe structural design technology 4D GRAVITY®︎ and develops new patented technologies in-house. Aeronext also engages in joint development of airframes and related products with external collaborative partners, as well as contracted development.

  • Technical System and Strengths

    Aeronext's technical team, consisting of engineers specializing in hardware, software, electrical, and aerodynamic fields, is engaged in the development and verification of advanced technologies for next-generation drones at the Funato Drone Laboratory, which has an outdoor flying field on the premises. Aeronext's technical team not only conducts research and development, but also visits areas where the new SkyHub® smart logistics service is being implemented, where drone delivery is implemented as a service, as well as demonstration sites around the country to provide the expertise that only engineers can offer and actively gather feedback from the field through practical experience, which is then used in research and development. This fieldwork is a significant strength for Aeronext. In addition to Aeronext's own technological development, Aeronext also works with external partners on joint development of aircraft and related products, as well as on contract development.

Funato Drone Laboratory