SkyHub® TMS

Next Generation Transportation Delivery Management System

SkyHub® TMS Logistics Optimization

SkyHub®TMS provides cutting-edge technology to meet increasingly complex logistics needs and solve a variety of challenges in the transportation industry. The system optimizes transportation operations through a variety of features such as efficient routing, real-time GPS tracking, and integrated time and attendance management.

Features of SkyHub® TMS

Enhanced data linkage with major logistics companies will facilitate smooth information sharing and efficient logistics operations.

Automatically generates optimal delivery routes based on terrain and traffic conditions to ensure prompt and efficient delivery regardless of the region.

Fully integrated with drone delivery systems and offers highly flexible and scalable delivery options.

Information from shippers can be captured in real time and multiple shipments can be consolidated efficiently.

Real-time information can be captured by linking information to the smartphone used by the driver. Through real-time information tracking and analysis, driver schedules, delivery status, and transportation plans can be managed in an integrated manner for optimal allocation and coordination of transportation resources and processes.

Establish a database of recipients and manage customer information in an integrated manner to improve delivery accuracy and enhance customer satisfaction.

Detailed management of the flow and condition of packages during the delivery process ensures that the exact location and condition of the package is always known at all times and that prompt action can be taken if necessary.

Centralized management of sales and payment information ensures financial transparency and improves management efficiency.

SkyHub® TMS Logistics Optimization

With SkyHub® TMS, logistics companies can improve delivery efficiency and increase the scale of their business by handling more packages. This is an important means of reducing costs while maintaining quality of service, especially in difficult-to-deliver areas and during peak periods.

As a powerful tool for smart and efficient logistics operations, TMS is a valuable solution for companies looking to expand their business and improve service quality in the logistics industry.

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