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New economization of airspace.

Humanity has developed to this point by building civilization through the development of infrastructures such as electricity, water, gas, roads, and the Internet for society. Today's industry and our lives are built on these infrastructures.

So what is the next societal infrastructure to be developed? We believe the answer is the sky; the development of an economic zone in a three-dimensional space from the ground to a height of 150 meters, where only birds fly freely. The main player in that space will be drones.

The most important issue in this pursuit is to ensure safety, making it possible for people to go about their daily lives without worrying about the drones flying overhead.

With a declining population, achieving a level of performace where drones can fill in the void of services left by declining populations.

Aeronext is a technology startup that exists to build a new societal infrastructure for the 100-year life era and to create a world in which everyone can enjoy continued prosperity.

Core Values

  • Be intentional and
    logically purposeful.

    Why are we doing it?
    What are we doing it for?
    Is this the best way?
    To start something, think it through to the point where the result will always be the same regardless of who does it

  • Say thank you in a loud voice and
    report bad news even louder.

    If you want to accomplish great things, there is little you can do alone. A person who has no respect for the work of his fellow workers cannot do a good job. The qualities needed by those who want to do good work are honesty, integrity, and fairness.

  • Drive the future with passion.

    The basic premise of any successful business is that there is a demand or market. But that is not enough. Only those who act proactively and deliberately, involve others, and accomplish what they set out to do will have a future. The root of it all is passion.


Aeronext actively collaborates with both domestic and overseas partners who share Aeronext’s vision and offer synergies through complementing respective areas of expertise to promote market creation and provide value.

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