SkyHub® Provider License

Licensing a Comprehensive Logistics Service Infrastructure

SkyHub® Provider License

SPL is a system whereby NEXT DELIVERY licenses to third parties some of the know-how, tools, and operations of its new smart logistics SkyHub®, which NEXT DELIVERY has developed in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, Kamishihoro Town, Hokkaido, and other locations. This license, combined with drone technology, is intended to address regional issues in logistics by improving the efficiency of last mile delivery.

Features of SPL


By implementing SPL, transportation companies can use SkyHub®’s transportation delivery management system (SkyHub®TMS) and receive the know-how and support necessary to operate drone delivery. This will not only improve delivery efficiency, but also help to automate and digitize transportation operations, thereby helping to address labor shortages.

SPL Benefits

By combining SkyHub® technology and services with our accumulated knowledge and expertise, SPL helps logistics companies respond flexibly and efficiently to today’s logistics challenges. As a driver of digital transformation in the logistics industry, SPL’s efforts are aimed at ushering in a sustainable future by bringing new possibilities to the transportation industry.

Provider License Achievements and Case Studies