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First License Agreement Nakatsu Kyuko

NEXT DELIVERY Signs First SkyHub® Provider License Agreement with Nakatsu Kyuko in Oita Prefecture

NEXT DELIVERY Inc. has signed a SkyHub® Provider License (SPL) agreement with NAKATSU・KYUKO CO., LTD. in February 2024. Nakatsu Kyuko is a general logistics company based in Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture, and has been pursuing the provision of efficient transportation methods by through DX and reducing the burden on employees in order to solve the manpower shortage in last mile logistics, which is considered a 2024 problem. Through this agreement, NEXT DELIVERY is actively working on the societal implementation of drone delivery services and commercialization to improve the efficiency of regional logistics and address regional issues through the promotion of new smart logistics SkyHub®, which incorporates drone delivery.

Through the SPL contract, the first of its kind in Japan, NEXT DELIVERY will package its nationwide SkyHub® service and provide its delivery management system, SkyHub® TMS, and drone operation operations to transportation companies.

We aim to build and promote a new sustainable regional logistics infrastructure for local residents and businesses by jointly addressing the driver shortage caused by a declining population, addressing global environmental issues, and improving efficiency through cargo consolidation.

SkyHub® Provider License Agreement Outline

1. Date
February 29, 2024

2. Content
(1) Use of SkyHub® TMS, a transportation and delivery management system
(2) Expertise in drone delivery and operational support
(3) Permission to use various trademarks