AirTruck, A Dedicated Logistics Drone

AirTruck, A Dedicated Logistics Drone (Developed in Collaboration with ACSL Ltd.)

In logistics applications, the need to specialize in “movement” and “operation,” to move forward faster and farther, and the importance of delivery quality, which requires greater stability, make 4D GRAIVITY® particularly useful and necessary in this field.

AirTruck is the first mass-produced logistics drone equipped with 4D GRAVITY® in Japan, developed by Aeronext Inc. in collaboration with ACSL, a 4D GRAVITY® licensee.

In Japan, it has flown in several areas where the new SkyHub® smart logistics system has been implemented and in demonstration tests in various regions. Overseas, it has flown in Mongolia (November 2023) at an altitude of 1,300 m and an ambient temperature of -15°C.

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①High flight performance achieved through our unique 4D GRAVITY® airframe structural design technology

②Cargo top-loading

③Stable cargo space due to optimal placement of cargo near the ideal center of gravity

④Streamlined and inverted wing shape minimizes aerodynamic drag during forward lean flight

⑤Separate Coupled Structure keeps the cargo compartment horizontal even when the aircraft is tilted forward.

⑥LTE communication, FPV camera, and other equipment enable remote-controlled flight