SkyHub® Emergency Package

Logistics Support Packages for Disasters and Emergencies

SkyHub® Emergency Package

Following the Noto Peninsula earthquake in January 2024, NEXT DELIVERY delivered medical supplies by drone to isolated areas in the disaster-stricken region. Based on our experience from those support activities, we believe that “phase-free disaster logistics measures” are necessary to solve the problems that we saw. This is the SkyHub® Emergency Package that we believe is necessary.

Using service structures that enhance the convenience of local residents and the sustainability of local logistics during non-emergency times will become a logistics platform that protects the lives of residents in the event of a disaster.

SkyHub® Emergency Package

A phase-free, integrated disaster logistics solution that includes drones and which can be transitioned to a “disaster logistics platform” at the time of a disaster by deploying the “new smart logistics” regional logistics platform used in non-emergency times.

Challenges were identified through relief activities following the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

From the isolated areas at the end of the line to the supply consolidation centers at the entrances, we found major issues in the digitization of information.

Situation in the affected areas

-The roads to the evacuation centers were cut off and it took more than 5 hours for the Self-Defense Forces personnel to transport the supplies by land.

-Information on evacuation sites was also isolated, and made it difficult to grasp the status of evacuees and information on necessary materials such as medical supplies.

-It was difficult to provide appropriate relief supplies due to the lack of information on stockpiles at the dispersed supply distribution centers.

Overview of SkyHub® Emergency Package

Digitization of Information

In the future, we aim to implement the accumulation of daily delivery information by TMS*, daily transportation of goods using drones (digital lifeline), and optimal (town-by-town warehousing) inventory management by WMS*.

*TMS: Transportation management system
*WMS: Warehouse Management System

DX (data-driven, drones) of logistics from non-emergency times will enable rapid support and push-type support activities using digital technology in times of disaster.

Drone Operation System

Through selecting landing sites in advance at designated evacuation centers and isolated areas (according to hazard maps) in anticipation of emergency locations, and by establishing routes that can be used even in times of disaster in advance, a flight system can be immediately set up in the event of an emergency.

By setting up a flight route based on the above-mentioned contingency locations, local residents can be educated on how to pick up goods, leading to the realization of phase-free drone delivery (emergency drone transport of goods) in both emergency and non-emergency times.