Aeronext Becomes an ArduPilot Corporate Partner

Aeronext Inc. has joined the ArduPilot Partners Program and become a corporate partner of ArduPilot.
The ArduPilot is an open source software that can be used for drones (UAVs), rovers (UGVs), and even VTOLs, and controls the aircraft based on information from various sensors. The ArduPilot project is supported by software and hardware engineers, beta testers, web developers, documenters, researchers, and many others. It is an open source project with a constantly evolving development community based on extensive feedback.
By becoming a corporate partner of ArduPilot, Aeronext will be able to develop the software side of the drone, such as the flight controller and GCS, more efficiently and progressively.
In combination with Aeronext’s strengths in hardware development, such as the 4D GRAVITY®, our proprietary airframe structural design technology, we will further promote the research and development of next-generation drone technology.

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ArduPilot Official Partner Logo
Aeronext’s proprietary airframe structural design technology 4D GRAVITY® logo