"Next Series"
Featuring 4D GRAVITY®︎


A drone for home delivery that enables horizontal transportation without tilting the package. The elimination of angle deviations from varying loads during transport, enables the delivery of medical/precision equipment, as well as the delivery of meals, which is difficult with conventional drones. The reliability and speed that are important in drone delivery are improved with the adoption of “4D GRAVITY®”. With 4D GRAVITY®, the load on each motor is uniform, eliminating stress on only one motor. In addition, the flight speed can be increased because the inclination of the airframe can be increased. The Next DELIVERY®, designed specifically for “delivery”, brings new possibilities to drone delivery.

● Always keep your cargo level
● Increase of maximum speed enables shortening of delivery times and extension of delivery distances
● Reduce variance of motor load and increase reliability
● Fall/shock absorption frame, battery fire spread prevention measures in crashes
● Proprietary Design

Use applications
●Logistics, home delivery