"Next Series"
Featuring 4D GRAVITY®︎

Next DELIVERY® mini

Small Delivery Only Drone

A compact version of the Next DELIVERY® (in this example, for drinks), which was developed to carry the loaded package level without tilting it. The loading section that holds the drink cup always maintains its vertical position regardless of the tilt of the machine, preventing the drink from spilling out of the cup.

● Always keep the cargo level
● Reduce uneven motor load and improve reliability
● Original technology 4D GRAVITY®
●Proprietary Design

Use applications
Small package delivery (in this example a drink cup)

Main specs
Total width 640mm Total height 390mm Total length 640mm Weight 2,680g Flight time 15 minutes * The spec is a reference spec of the principle prototype. We will develop mass production machines according to specific applications.

Patent No. 6351006 Patent No. 6086519 Patent No. 6473244 Patent No. 6473256 Others