"Next Series"
Featuring 4D GRAVITY®︎

Next INDUSTRY®︎ Bridge Inspection Custom Model

In the Bridge Inspection Custom model, the camera is attached to the tip of the arm extended upward from the machine, so it is possible to insert the camera into a narrow space, where entry of the entire drone is difficult. In addition, it has a design that easily allows installation of a  ground feeding system, enabling long-term, continuous operation.

“Next INDUSTRY®” will streamline bridge inspection work.

● The arm extending above the machine enables distance between the inspection object and the machine
● Equipped with proprietary technology 4D GRAVITY®
● Scalability to various industries
● Proprietary Design

Main Specs (planned)
Total height 5,530mm Weight 6,000g, Ground feeding plan, Main frame material magnesium maximum speed 10km / h

※ Premised on Vertical Operation.
* The spec is a reference spec of the principle prototype. We will develop mass production models according to specific applications.