"Next Series"
Featuring 4D GRAVITY®︎


A hybrid type of rotary and fixed wing VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) equipped with 4D GRAVITY® that embodies a new air mobility concept “Flying Gondola”. Next MOBILITY® offers a ride that is smooth and comfortable during vertical takeoff, takeoff-to-horizontal flight, in-flight, and vertical landing, with minimal turbulence, and always level and stable with the ground carrying passengers in a seated position. Next MOBILITY® is, metaphorically speaking, a Ferris wheel gondola taking off into the sky and flying freely in the future, offering a new experience of airborne flight.

Remote-controlled automatic vehicle that does not require a pilot on board.
Smooth and stable transition from takeoff to level flight.
Comfortable ride because the seats are kept level with the ground.

In use:
Relax and enjoy communication with passengers
Low entry/exit position makes it easy to get in and out of the car, even with skirts and high-heeled shoes.
The front, left and right sides are made of glass, allowing passengers to enjoy the view from the sky.
Wings and propellers help avoid immediate loss of control in the event of an emergency.
Shock mitigation for landing.

Specifications *1/3 the actual size model
Overall width 1,380mm x Overall length 1,400mm x Overall height 700mm Weight 8,200g Capacity for one person. Doors open on both sides.

*Specifications are for reference and only for principle prototypes. Mass production machines will be developed according to potentially different specific applications.