"Next Series"
Featuring 4D GRAVITY®︎

Next VTOL®︎

Pinpoint Landing Compatible VTOL Logistics Drone

This is Aeronext’s first VTOL drone that has pinpoint landing capablities, while being a fixed wing aircraft with excellent fuel economy. When taking off and landing, pinpoint landing is possible with vertical takeoff capabilities. The same machine can traveling as a fixed-wing aircraft during cruise. The means that gliding is possible if the motor stops in the upper air, and an immediate crash can be prevented. All of this capability and the ability to keep the cargo level during all phases of flight. Next VTOL®︎ is a new form of logistics drone.

● With the adoption of VTOL, achieves flight distances impossible for standard drones
● High landing performance even under strong winds compared to conventional VTOL aircraft
● Always keep your cargo level
● Proprietary Design

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