Achievements/case studies

Drone utilization in collaboration with businesses Tokyo Metropolitan Government, HACHIJOJIMA Island

Aeronext, in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Hachijo Town, and Demae-can to conduct drone delivery experiments to address regional issues in HACHIJOJIMA Island

Aeronext conducted a drone delivery experiment in Hachijo Town (February 2023) in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Hachijojima Island, and Demae-can Co., Ltd. The purpose of this experiment was to improve convenience for the elderly and visitors to the island who have difficulty driving cars.

Hachijojima conducted this experiment to explore the potential of drones as a means of delivery, in preparation for the future shortage of delivery personnel. The purpose of this experiment, which was conducted in conjunction with the trial introduction of the delivery service, was to identify issues and verify the effectiveness of the service for implementation on the island.


Demonstration Experiment Overview

Background and Purpose

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in cooperation with Hachijo Town, introduced a trial delivery service from December 1, 2022 to February 14, 2023 to improve convenience for island residents and visitors, including the elderly who are no longer able to drive cars.

AirTruck, Aeronext’s logistics drone, flying over HACHIJOJIMA Island

In island areas with declining populations, however, there is concern that the shortage of delivery personnel will become more serious in the future.

Date & Time
11 flights in total from Sunday, February 5, 2023 to Thursday, February 9, 2023 *including test flights

Assuming shopping support for islanders living in areas with inconvenient transportation and coordination with tourist facilities, two drone delivery sites were set up (1) Nakanogo Sports Ground and (2) Lido Park Resort Hachijojima, and deliveries were made by drone from Hachijo Plaza Park, which is close to an area with many stores.

Aeronext’s AirTruck, dedicated logistics drone, lands

The SkyHub® system used as a platform in the new smart logistics “SkyHub®” that combines drone delivery and land transportation, which is being developed and pursued by Seino Holdings Co., Ltd. and Aeronext Inc. and the Demae-can Co., Ltd. application, is linked to the SkyHub® system. When an order is placed via the “Demae-can” app, the delivery staff will pick up the product, deliver it by land transportation to Hachijo Plaza Park, where the drone will take off, and set the product into the drone. The AirTruck, a dedicated logistics drone, flew approximately 9.6 km one way to Nakanogo Sports Ground in approximately 22 minutes and 7.9 km one way to Lido Park Resort Hachijojima in approximately 19 minutes to deliver the order to the customer.

Receiving Products (Landing point (2) Lido Park Resort Hachijojima)

One customer who received the product at Nakanogo Sports Ground said, “I thought the product would be cold by the time it arrived because it was supposed to be flown in by drone from Hachijo Plaza Park, but it was warm and tasty.”