Achievements/case studies

Noto Peninsula Disaster Area Activities

Wajima City to transport medical supplies by drone to areas isolated by earthquake.

Following the Noto Peninsula Earthquake on January 1, 2024, Aeronext and NEXT DELIVERY, in cooperation with the General Incorporated Association Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA), have been delivering medical supplies by drone in Wajima City since January 7, at the request of Wajima City. This is the first attempt in Japan to use drones to deliver supplies in times of disaster.

JUIDA started activities on January 6 to search for missing persons and assess damage using drones with the support of Blue innovation Co. and Liberaware Co., Ltd. Aeronext Inc. and ACSL Ltd. joined this activity and delivered medicine by drone from the Wajima City Cultural Hall to the evacuation center of Konosu Elementary School in an isolated area on January 8.

The delivery was made using AirTruck, a logistics-specific drone jointly developed by Aeronext and ACSL, which flew a distance of approximately 3 km in approximately 10 minutes to deliver medicine for three residents. In addition, two additional flights were made on January 9 to deliver medical supplies.

AirTruck, a drone dedicated to logistics, delivers medical supplies in Wajima City.


Checking medicine delivered by AirTruck, a drone dedicated to logistics. (Konosu Elementary School Evacuation Center)
Receiving medicine delivered by AirTruck, a drone dedicated to logistics. (Konosu Elementary School evacuation center, courtesy of JUIDA)

Outline of Activities

Date: From January 8, 2024 until TBD
Location: Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Delivery details and routes (subject to additions and changes in the future)

1)Transport medical supplies from Wajima City Cultural Hall to Konosu Elementary School evacuation center (approx. 3 km one way)

Aircraft Used: AirTruck

Supervision: General Incorporated Association Japan UAS Industrial Development Association, JUIDA
Operation: NEXT DELIVERY Inc.
Cooperation: Aeronext Inc., ACSL Ltd.







Aeronext and NEXT DELIVERY will continue to contribute to the speediest possible recovery of the disaster-affected areas by combining their experience and technical capabilities in operating drones as a means of air transportation throughout Japan.