Aeronext to Exhibit at CES® 2020 in January in Las Vegas, USA New Air Mobility Concept “Flying Gondola” Unveiled for the First Time in the US

“Flying Gondola” in amusement park (an image in the future)

Next-generation drone company Aeronext Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisuke Toji, hereinafter referred to as Aeronext) will be exhibiting in Eureka Park® at CES® 2020, the largest and most influential technology event on the planet, where industry leaders and rising stars come together held in Las Vegas, Nevada from Tuesday, January 7th to Friday, 10th , 2020, because Aeronext was selected to be a CES “Eureka Park” J-Startup pavilion exhibitor as part of the “J-Startup”, startup support program promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Aeronext will also participate in the official “CES Unveiled Las Vegas” held just before CES 2020, and will be showing for the first time in the US, Aeronext’s new concept “Flying Gondola” that reinvents the concept of air mobility and Next MOBILITY®, the first principle prototype for “Flying Gondola” at both venues.

“Flying Gondola” in amusement park (an image in the future)
“Flying Gondola” in amusement park (an image in the future)
“Flying Gondola” 1/3 size single passenger model Next MOBILITY®
“Flying Gondola” 1/3 size single passenger model Next MOBILITY®

Aeronext’s “Flying Gondola” concept aims to accelerate the acceptance by society of air mobility by accelerating the economicization of new airspace through providing an unprecedented comfortable flight experience that combines both safety and comfort. The Flying Gondola represents a completely new concept in air mobility and is different from the conventional concept of air mobility that mainly focused on the convenience of movement only. The Flying Gondola concept is automatic navigation without the need for pilots, minimizing swaying all the times, making it easy to get on and off. It is like a futuristic ferris wheel gondola that flies in the sky freely.

Aeronext’s CES 2020 exhibit of Next MOBILITY®, will show our first principle prototype, the embodiment of the “Flying Gondola”. Next MOBILITY® is a newly developed VTOL (vertical take-off and landing aircraft) equipped with both rotary and fixed wings, Aeronext’s proprietary drone center of gravity control technology “4D GRAVITY®”. “4D GRAVITY®” won many awards and contests in Japan and overseas and attracted much attention. The prototype is also equipped with VTOL’s center-of-gravity control technology “Tilt Body®”, that solves the problems of conventional air mobility, such as reducing fear during vertical takeoff and landing, and provides smooth transition from takeoff to horizontal flight. The Next MOBILITY® announced at CES is a single-passenger aircraft, but in the future, a multi-passengers aircraft will be announced. When this aircraft is introduced into full production, we are convinced that it will be an indispensable means of transportation in the “sky movement” that is beginning to take root around the world for next generation mobile service system MaaS (Mobility as a Service).

CES is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics technology trade shows, and its scale is growing year by year with every more remarkable technological innovations such as AI, 5G, next-generation transportation, and 8K. Among these, Aeronext will exhibit at “Eureka Park”, which is the area that attracts the most attention as a place for exhibiting products and services and businesses based on cutting-edge technology from all over the world. This exhibition is supported through a program “J-startup”, promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, with a view, “to create startups that can compete and win world-wide and to provide new value to the world with innovative technologies and business models.” Through this, Aeronext was selected as a CES “Eureka Park” J-Startup Pavilion exhibitor.

Aeronext’s CES 2020 exhibition will be a full-scale booth exhibition and follows other global consumer electronics trade fair exhibitions: CES Asia held in Shanghai, China in May 2019 and IFA held in Berlin, Germany in September 2019. In addition to exhibiting at Eureka Park, we also will participate in an official media event “CES Unveiled Las Vegas” held just before CES. It will be a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of Aeronext and promote Aeronext’s advanced technology in addition to Aeronext’s “Flying Gondola” and Next MOBILITY®.

Aeronext will continue to make efforts in the global market toward “realization of drone-premised society” and “economy of new airspace”.

CES 2020 Exhibition
•Date: Tuesday, January 7~ Friday, January 10, 2020
•Hour: January 7 10:00〜18:00  January 8-9  9:00〜18:00 January 10  9:00〜16:00
•Place: Tech West Sands Expo Eureka Park (Level 1, Hall G)
•Aeronext Booth Details: J-Startup Pavilion (booth No. 52702)

J-Startup Pavilion Image
J-Startup Pavilion Image

• J-Startup Press Release:

【CES Unveiled Las Vegas】
•Date: Sunday, January 5, 2020 5:00pm〜8:30pm
•Place: Shoreline Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Center
•Aeronext Booth Details: booth No. 221

【Press Contact】
Aeronext Inc. Contact: Ito

1. Outline of center of gravity control technology “4D GRAVITY®”
“4D GRAVITY®” is the name for Aeronext’s proprietary drone’s center-of-gravity control technology, developed and patented independently by Aeronext.

2. Overview of Tiltbody®, a new technology for controlling the center of gravity of VTOL
“Tiltbody®” is a collective term for center-of-gravity control technology developed by Aeronext, which stabilizes take-off and landing of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft). At the time of transition from take-off to horizontal flight, unlike in traditional aircraft where the rotor is fixed, a rotor arm that is movable (called the “propeller motor arm) moves for optimal flight performance, while keeping the cabin level with respect to the ground. This means comfort and safety are both maximized.

3. Outline, features, advantages, and specifications of the Next MOBILITY® Prototype 1/3 scale model
“Next MOBILITY®” is a prototype that embodies a new concept of air mobility: the “Flying Gondola,” Aeronext’s VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft) machine equipped with both the 4D GRAVITY® center-of-gravity control technology and the newly announced VTOL center-of-gravity control technology Tiltbody®. This new Next MOBILITY® the first prototype, which is an actual 1/3 size model of a single-seat aircraft. In the future, we will also announce aircraft that can be used by multiple people.

“Flying Gondola” Prototype Next MOBILITY® When Landing
“Flying Gondola” Prototype Next MOBILITY® When Landing
“Flying Gondola” Prototype Next MOBILITY® When Flying
“Flying Gondola” Prototype Next MOBILITY® When Flying

*To see the test flight:

・Vehicles with remote controlled automatic navigation that requires no pilot onboard
・Smooth and stable transition from takeoff to level flight
・Comfortable ride because the seat is kept level with the ground

・Relax and enjoy conversation with passengers
・Easy to board even with a skirt or high heels
・The front left and right are glass-enclosed so you can enjoy the view from the sky
・Equipped with a main wing and a propeller to prevent an immediate crash even in an emergency.
・Reduced impact during landing

【Specifications】(1/3 size model)
・Width 1,380mm × Length1,400mm × Height 700mm Weight 6,800g
・Capacity: 1 passenger
・Door: Double Door

4. Aeronext Awards (incomplete listing)
・SLUSH TOKYO 2019「Pitch Contest」FINALIST (Feb 2019)
・Shenzhen in China「Nanshan “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest 2018」 3rd place/IP Prize (Nov 2018)
・CEATEC JAPAN 2018 「CEATEC AWARD 2018」 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (Oct 2018)
*For a full history of awards, please see:

【About Aeronext Inc.】
Aeronext is a drone architecture research institute that revolutionizes the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and multi-copter aircraft frame. In order to make 4D GRAVITY®, a unique center-of-gravity control technology that improves stability and reliability, a standard technology for industrial drones, Aeronext has established a strong patent portfolio and are promoting the global implementation of 4D GRAVITY® technology though our licensing business.
* For details on Aeronext Inc., please see:

【About CES】
CES is the largest and most influential technology event on the planet, where industry leaders and rising stars come together held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and has been held every year since 1967. CES 2020 is the 53rd CES. CES2019 had 180,000 participants from around the world, 4,500 companies and 1,200+ startups. Not only home appliances, but also drones, as well as AI robots, AR/VR, autonomous driving, IoT, and other advanced technologies are gathered and attracts attention as an innovation hub.
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