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  3. Aeronext and Major Chinese Industrial Drone Manufacturer MMC Strategic Alliance Start of 4D GRAVITY®Drones in the Chinese Market


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Aeronext and Major Chinese Industrial Drone Manufacturer MMC Strategic Alliance Start of 4D GRAVITY®Drones in the Chinese Market

Next-generation drone Aeronext Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Keisuke Toji) and 深圳市科比特航空科技有限公司 English: MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, CEO: Zhihui Lu Abbreviated: MMC), a leading manufacturer of Chinese and Shenzhen industrial drones, have formed a strategic alliance to increase the market for industrial drones in the Chinese market equipped with Aeronext’s proprietary center control technology “4D GRAVITY®” technology. Based on MMC’s extensive experience and track record in manufacturing industrial drones, we have launched development of 4D GRAVITY® equipped drones that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

From photo right, Aeronext Inc. President/CEO Keisuke Toji, MMC CEO Zhihui Lu

MMC logo

Aeronext’s unique “4D GRAVITY®” technology for center of gravity control is a fundamental re-examination and development of the structure of UAV aircraft, and represents stability and reliability not possible with conventional drones. This means an expanded range of applications for drones. We have already announced several prototypes of drones equipped with 4D GRAVITY® in our industrial drone “Next” series, capable of a wide range of applications.

In May, we established a new subsidiary, 天次科技(深圳)有限公司 (English name: Aeronext Shenzhen Ltd.), in Shenzhen City to enhance our 4D GRAVITY® technology license business in the Chinese market.

MMC was established in 2010 and has headquarters and factories in Shenzhen and Bao’an, as well as R & D, production and training bases in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei.  It is one of the largest industrial drone manufacturers not only in China, but also globally. It has one-stop support through its comprehensive supply chain from industrial drone design and processing, development and production of various parts, and system development for maneuvering.  In addition to multicopter and VTOL products that can be used for a wide range of applications such as surveying, security, firefighting, and power line construction, it features more than 25 different payload types and can be customized to meet customer needs.  With many clients including state-owned enterprises and foreign-affiliated companies, it has a proven track record and an established reputation for a wide range of applications.

MMC integrates industrial resources and promotes innovation in the drone industry by maximizing its R & D and production capabilities in a new market environment. MMC aims to develop new use cases for drones and overcome limitations through collaboration with drone related companies and developers globally, of which MMC’s partnership with Aeronext demonstrates.

Aeronext and MMC have reached an agreement to launch development of a 4D GRAVITY® airframe in the Chinese market with the aim of jointly developing heretofore untapped applications that are now possible with 4D GRAVITY®.

Aeronext sees the Chinese market as a showcase for its global expansion. Aeronext seeks to make great strides in development with a strategic partner such as MMC, who has deep experience in the Chinese market.

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Aeronext Inc.            Press Relations(Natsuko Ito)             Email: contact@aeronext.blueast
MMC                         Press Relations(Ryan)                     Email: ryanwong@mmcuav.com

About Aeronext Inc.
In order to develop the optimal design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and multicopter airframes, Aeronext researches Drone Architecture. Aeronext’s guiding principle for drone architecture is attitude control, and its center of gravity control technology, 4D GRAVITY®. 4D GRAVITY® is the core of multiple strengths we bring to drone architecture.
*For details on Aeronext, please see: https://aeronext.com/company/

About MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co., Ltd.
China’s largest industrial drone manufacturer established in 2010. Comprehensive supply chain from design and processing of industrial drones, development and production of various parts including loading equipment, and development of control systems achieves a truly one stop solution. MMC has multicopter and VTOL products for a wide range of applications such as surveying and firefighting.
*For details on MMC https://www.mmcuav.com/about

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