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  3. NEXT DELIVERY, the New Smart Logistics SkyHub® Operator, Announces New Business Execution Structure~Yusuke Ikegami and Takahito Aoki newly appointed as directors to accelerate nationwide development of SkyHub® services and expand business~


Press Release

NEXT DELIVERY, the New Smart Logistics SkyHub® Operator, Announces New Business Execution Structure~Yusuke Ikegami and Takahito Aoki newly appointed as directors to accelerate nationwide development of SkyHub® services and expand business~

NEXT DELIVERY Inc. (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture; Keisuke Toji, Representative Director; hereinafter “NEXT DELIVERY”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Yusuke Ikegami and Takahito Aoki as directors of the company, effective February 1, 2023. Under the new business execution structure, we will accelerate and expand our business by developing a new smart logistics*1SkyHub®*2 service and platform, establishing a further safe, secure, and more streamlined operation system, and accelerating the nationwide development of SkyHub®︎.

Yusuke Ikegami appointed as Director (Chief Business Officer) of NEXT DELIVERY

Takahito Aoki appointed as Director(Chief Operations Officer) of NEXT DELIVERY


NEXT DELIVERY Inc., established in January 2021, has been developing a new smart logistics service, SkyHub®, which connects existing logistics services with drone logistics, and is being developed jointly by Aeronext Inc. and Seino Holdings Co. Starting with Kosuge Village in Yamanashi Prefecture, Aeronext is already working to improve the efficiency of regional logistics throughout Japan, including Kamishihoro Town in Hokkaido, Tsuruga City in Fukui Prefecture, Katsuura City in Chiba Prefecture, and Sakai Town in Ibaraki Prefecture.

With the appointment of these two new directors, Yusuke Ikegami (Chief Business Officer) and Takahito Aoki (Chief Operations Officer), the company aims to accelerate its nationwide expansion and achieve further business growth and expansion, and to utilize next-generation advanced technologies, including drone technology, to address regional issues and rebuild regional infrastructure, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

New management and business execution structure(As of February 1, 2023)

Representative Director Keisuke Toji
Director Junya Hirose
Director Natsuko Ito (Chief Planning Officer)
Director Yusuke Ikegami (Chief Operating Officer)
Director Takahito Aoki (Chief Operating Officer)
Outside Director Shuji Kawai


■Director (Chief Business Officer) Yusuke Ikegami
It is a great challenge and a great pleasure for me to be involved in NEXTDELIVERY’s business, which directly contributes to society. I will also be a driving force together with Mr. Aoki and will do my utmost to work with our excellent team for the future growth and development of NEXTDELIVERY.

■Director (Chief Operations Officer) Takahito Aoki
It is a great honor and at the same time a heavy responsibility for me to assume the position of director of NEXTDELIVERY.
I will work diligently with Mr. Ikegami toward the social implementation of drones and make every effort for our company to create a better future.

Career and Backgrounds

■Director (Chief Business Officer) Yusuke Ikegami
Joined Kenko.com in 2004, then established a logistics planning and consulting company after working for Lawson. After working for Lawson, he established a logistics planning and consulting company, and has consistently worked in the field of logistics for about 20 years from the early days of EC to the present. He has also been involved in the development of operations using AI and robotics, management strategy, and human resources as a manager and consultant. Born in 1978, he graduated from Kyushu Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering.

■Director (Chief Operations Officer) Takahito Aoki
an aircraft parts manufacturing company in 2008. After working in sales for 10 years, he entered the drone business in 2018, aiming to contribute to society through business expanding from the sky. After experiencing all kinds of work utilizing unmanned aircraft, including entertainment aerial photography, domestic aircraft test pilot (including PoC), river surveys, and surveying, he is now working as an operational professional to spread drone logistics. Born in 1978, he graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with a degree in sculpture.


*1 New Smart Logistics
A public-private initiative to find solutions to the issues commonly faced by the logistics industry, such as labor shortages, environmental and energy issues, and DX areas, while utilizing digital and technology to ensure the future sustainability of logistics, which is an indispensable infrastructure for people’s daily lives. The project aims to realize the last mile joint delivery, the best mix of land and air transportation, freight and passenger consolidation, automated technology, etc., through co-creation based on an open public platform (O.P.P.) that transcends the boundaries between the industry and the outside world.

*2 SkyHub®︎
A new smart logistics platform jointly developed and deployed by Aeronext and Seino HD that connects existing logistics and drone logistics, as well as connecting ground and air infrastructure so that goods can be delivered anytime, anywhere. SkyHub® is an open and standardized system that incorporates drone delivery. On this platform, based on the Drone Depot®︎, we develop and provide services tailored to local issues and needs, such as delivery agency services based on the SkyHub® application, on-demand delivery, pharmaceutical delivery, and joint delivery of packages from different logistics companies in one package. The introduction of SkyHub® not only has the logistics benefits of promoting unmanned and inventory-free operations and improving last mile delivery efficiency, but also contributes to addressing social issues in the region, such as the shortage of workers due to the declining population and aging population, transportation problems in specific depopulated areas, medical problems, disaster countermeasures, and measures for the vulnerable in logistics, from the aspect of logistics reform, and will also raise the level of satisfaction of residents and communities by improving convenience and quality of life.

A subsidiary of AERONEXT, a company mainly engaged in drone delivery, established in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture in 2021 with the vision of “becoming a country where affluence is spread to every corner of the earth through 4D LogisticsTM infrastructure that connects air, land, and time in the age of 100 years of life. The company is also involved in the development, manufacture, sale, rental, and maintenance of hardware and software related to drone delivery. We are also developing peripheral businesses such as development, manufacturing, sales, rental, and maintenance of hardware and software related to drone delivery. Starting with Kosuge Village in Yamanashi Prefecture, we are working to improve the efficiency and revitalization of regional logistics in places such as Kamishihoro Town in Hokkaido and Tsuruga City in Fukui Prefecture.
*For more information: https://nextdelivery.aeronext.co.jp/

*Aeronextt and the Aeronext logo, as well as “4D GRAVITY®” “SkyHub®“ “Drone Depot®” “Drone Stand®” are trademarks of Aeronext Inc.
*Other company names and product/service names mentioned in this press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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