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  3. Aeronext Takes First Step in Overseas Expansion with New Smart Logistics SkyHub® in Mongolia~”SDGs Business Needs Confirmation Survey for Introducing Drone Delivery Network of Medical Supplies in Mongolia” was selected for the JICA FY2022 ” SDGs Business Supporting Surveys”~


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Aeronext Takes First Step in Overseas Expansion with New Smart Logistics SkyHub® in Mongolia~”SDGs Business Needs Confirmation Survey for Introducing Drone Delivery Network of Medical Supplies in Mongolia” was selected for the JICA FY2022 ” SDGs Business Supporting Surveys”~

Aeronext Inc. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Keisuke Toji, CEO; hereinafter “Aeronext”) has been selected by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to conduct SDGs Business Needs Confirmation Survey for Introducing Drone Delivery Network of Medical Supplies in Mongolia under the FY2022 ” SDGs Business Supporting Surveys“. By conducting the survey with the support of JICA, we are taking a major first step toward the overseas development of the new smart logistics SkyHub®, which is currently being deployed by local governments throughout Japan.

In Mongolia, half of the total population (approximately 1.6 million people) is concentrated in Ulaanbaatar. In terms of logistics and transportation, the logistics network is weak and ambulance traffic is sometimes obstructed due to chronic traffic congestion and inadequate road infrastructure, adversely affecting not only medical care but also economic activities. Air pollution is also increasing due to localized use of gasoline-powered vehicles in urban centers.

On the other hand, the number of EC users is increasing due to rising income levels and the development of IT and telecommunication environments, and demand for personalized delivery services is rising. Aeronext, in collaboration with local businesses and organizations in Mongolia, plans to conduct research and test hypotheses for the commercialization of a new smart logistics SkyHub® using drones, based on the belief that if a logistics infrastructure that is highly sustainable in terms of promptness, economy, and environment, and it is an infrastructure that can be built by utilizing the use of the open sky. We believe it will help improve medical services and urban living environments.

Chronic traffic congestion in Mongolia (from Aeronext field survey)

Ambulances struggling to pass through traffic congestion(From Aeronext’s field survey)

Road conditions after rainfall in Mongolia(From Aeronext’s field survey)


2022 is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan, and the “Mongolia-Japan Business Forum” was held in Mongolia on August 19, 2022 under the slogan of “deepening mutual understanding and friendship through human and economic exchange between Japan and Mongolia for more vibrant development of the two countries”. At the “Mongolia-Japan Business Forum”, Aeronext introduced its new smart logistics SkyHub® in Japan and AirTruck in front of about 500 guests in person and online, and received high evaluation and positive feedback.

SkyHub® presentation at the Mongolia-Japan Business Forum

SkyHub® presentation at the Mongolia-Japan Business Forum


Through this research project, we will study the possibility of social implementation of the new smart logistics SkyHub® in Mongolia by facilitating the development of social infrastructure in line with Mongolian issues and the needs of Mongolian residents.

Adopted Project Summary

Proposal Content

” SDGs Business Needs Confirmation Survey for Introducing Drone Delivery Network of Medical Supplies in Mongolia ”

Study Period

June 2023 – January 2024 (tentative)

Survey Items (excerpts)

1)Understand basic conditions for flight

  • Basic legal environment for flying drones, including aviation law and radio law
  • Relevant organizations and key persons for each regulation
  • Radio communication status
  • Weather conditions (wind, rain, temperature, etc.)
  • Understanding river routes

2)Identifying Issues

  • Current situation of goods transportation using trunk roads, which is one of the factors contributing to the normalization of traffic congestion
  • Co2 emissions from automobile use and air pollution by season and area
  • Current status of emergency transportation in the medical field (ambulance operations)

About ” SDGs Business Supporting Surveys ”

SDGs Business Supporting Surveys is a program based on proposals from private companies. It is aimed at building win-win relationships between developing countries that want to use Japanese technologies, products, and know-how for addressing their challenges and Japanese companies that seek to venture into developing-country markets. In FY2022, the surveys were reformed transitionally to improve convenience, drive commercialization and accelerate development impact. In addition to the SDGs Business Verification Survey, applications for the Needs Confirmation Survey and the SDGs business Validation Survey were also accepted.

Reference: ” SDG Business Supporting Surveys” for FY2022: 59 projects selected (February 20, 2023)


*1 New Smart Logistics
A public-private initiative to find solutions to the issues commonly faced by the logistics industry, such as labor shortages, environmental and energy issues, and DX areas, while utilizing digital and technology to ensure the future sustainability of logistics, which is an indispensable infrastructure for people’s daily lives. The project aims to realize the last mile joint delivery, the best mix of land and air transportation, freight and passenger consolidation, automated technology, etc., through co-creation based on an open public platform (O.P.P.) that transcends the boundaries between the industry and the outside world.

*2 New Smart Logistics SkyHub®
A new smart logistics system jointly developed and deployed by Aeronext and Seino HD that connects existing logistics with drone logistics and connects ground and air infrastructure to deliver goods anytime, anywhere. Based on the SkyHub® system, the joint delivery service provides services such as joint delivery of packages from different logistics companies, shopping, delivery, food, medicine, etc. to Drone Stands® or private homes, based on the Drone Depot®.
The introduction of SkyHub® not only has the logistics benefits of promoting unmanned and inventory-free operations and improving last mile delivery efficiency, it also introduces a new logistics infrastructure, and from the aspect of logistics reform, it can be used to solve social issues in the region, such as labor shortages due to population decline and aging populations, transportation issues in specific depopulated areas, medical issues, disaster countermeasures, and measures for the vulnerable in logistics, as well as raising the level of satisfaction of residents and communities by improving convenience and quality of life for them.

【About Aeronext Inc.】
Aeronext, an IP driven R & D technology startup for next-generation drones, is a company that designs the sky through technology to create a world where the sky becomes a social infrastructure, is economized, and solves social issues through drones. Our core technology is 4D GRAVITY®, a unique structural design technology that improves basic drone performance such as stability, efficiency, and mobility of industrial drones by optimizing the center of gravity of the aircraft. In order implement this 4D GRAVITY® as standard equipment on industrial drones, we have constructed a strong patent portfolio and are promoting a partnership-based platform business for the 4D GRAVITY® license globally.
AERONEXT has also founded a subsidiary to implement the SkyHub® smart logistics and pursue drone delivery.
*For more information: https://aeronext.com/company/

*Aeronext and the Aeronext logo, as well as “4D GRAVITY®” “SkyHub®“ are trademarks of Aeronext Inc.
*Other company names and product/service names mentioned in this press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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