"Next Series"
Featuring 4D GRAVITY®︎


Next-generation industrial drone

Next INDUSTRY® is a revelotionary industrial drone. By adopting “4D GRAVITY®”, equipment such as cameras and sensors can be essily mounted at a large distance from the center of the machine, and it is possible to approach an object or enter a narrow space unreachable by conventional drones.

This “Next INDUSTRY®” is a base frame and will change depending on the required application, such as infrastructure inspection, surveying, pesticide spraying.

As an example,
● Attach the tool to the end of the arm that has been extended vertically or horizontally
● Extend the liquid spray nozzle sideways or down to perform upward spray etc.
● Move while maintaining the angle between the object and the mounting device

With Next INDUSTRY®, we will dramatically accelerate the use of drones in new industrial fields.

● Equipped with proprietary 4D GRAVITY® technology
● Scalability available to multiple industries
● Proprietary Design

Use applications
Infrastructure inspection / inspection / surveying / pesticide spraying / survey / aerial photography / security / salvage